J. Kirk Foundation
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Tuition Reimbursement Application


Annually, the J. Kirk Foundation will partially reimburse (up to ten thousand dollars) the tuition of a one Washington State University Student of Veterinary Medicine who has graduated and has successfully obtained their Idaho State Veterinary License and has spent at least one year practicing as a Veterinarian in a spay neuter clinic, Animal Welfare Organization or has preformed one thousand spay and neuter surgeries in the first three years of their practice.

Tuition Reimbursement Fund

 All applicants will submit the application below, a copy of their diploma, a copy of their Idaho Veterinary license, a list of hospitals they have worked at since their graduation and a number of animals altered since receiving their Veterinary license. In addition all candidates will provide a two thousand word writhen essay on how their lives have impacted the animals in their care and how they continued plan to impact the animals in the community they live and practice medicine in. Reimbursements will depend on funds available in the reimbursement account. Please contact the J. Kirk Foundation and Animal Assistance League for information in regards to this program at info@jkirkfoundation.org. Eligible applicants will be chosen by the content of their essay. Applications must be received by June 1st each year and all applicants will be notified by September 1st via email of the chosen applicant.

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Please write an essay (two thousand words or less) on how your
live has impacted the animals in your care and how do you continued
to plan to impact the animals in the community you live and practice
medicine in. 


For additional information,
please contact us at
J.Kirk Foundation
P.O. Box 1721
Post Falls, Idaho 83877

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